Apprentices and graduates


We are committed to investing in apprentices to ensure that we develop young people and secure succession throughout our operational business.

Our purpose built Apprentice Training Centre in York is equipped with a virtual Speedy store environment, so that our apprentices can develop their skills in a simulated environment.

We provide a ten week residential training course throughout the duration of our apprenticeship programme, and often host assessment days for young people to come along with their families to take a look at what we have to offer.

Business Graduates

In 2014 we introduced a new Business Graduate scheme to develop young talent to become our business leaders of tomorrow.

As a Business Graduate, you will gain exposure to all areas of the business through either assisting in the management of key, live projects or being seconded to all different areas of the business. Both of these activities are designed to develop your broad knowledge of both the wider industry and how our business operates.

Each Business Graduate is assigned to one of our Executive Team leaders, creating exposure at the very top of Speedy's business, something that is unique in our industry.

Contact us to find out more about our Apprentice or Business Graduate programme.


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