Group structure

Speedy is structured between its UK & Ireland division, and its International division.

UK and Ireland

In the UK and Ireland we operate primarily across the Construction, Infrastructure and Industrial markets.

In the Construction market, we have helped build some of the most high profile buildings in recent times, including the construction of the Olympic Park and the Shard in London. In addition to these large scale projects we also work in the private housing, commercial building, retail, leisure and public building sectors.

The support we provide our customers in the Infrastructure market include the energy and utilities sectors, as well as highways and rail, whilst in the Industrial market we work on projects across quarrying, extraction, mining and oil and gas sectors, as well as on industrial plant shutdown operations.


We operate in a number of locations internationally. In the Middle East we serve large clients in the Oil and Gas sector across the region, operating on some of the world’s largest oil fields. We also provide oil and gas services to customers in Kazakhstan, where we operate on a joint venture with shipping and logistics business J. & J. Denholm Group who are long established in the Caspian region. The joint venture trades and operates under the brand Speedy Zholdas.

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