Solutions and services

Our complementary and partnered services enable our customer's projects, large or small.

Specialist Solutions

As well as hiring products, we also provide specialist solutions to enable our customers to complete their projects in the most effective and efficient manner.

Our specialist Plant, Power, Lifting and Survey divisions are renowned within the industry for providing the expertise required to deliver often large and complex projects.

Complementary Services

To complete our offering to our larger customers, we provide complementary services that fit around our core hire and specialist solutions functions. These services enable our clients to operate more efficiently; ensuring compliance and therefore reducing their risk, and ultimately providing the very best possible service to their own customers.

Our complementary services include on-site operative training, test and repair, fuel supply and management, industrial shutdown project management, on-site depots and dedicated hire desks to ensure the right equipment arrives in the right place at the right time.

Partnered Services

Our Partnered Services division is unique in our industry. Our partners are able to provide a wide range of specialist products that we do not hold in our own fleet. This means our customers can come directly to us for all of their hire needs. 

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