Results and reports

Annual results and reports

Title Format Size
2016 Annual Report (PDF) pdf 2.94mb
2016 Annual Results Statement (PDF) pdf 1.2mb
2015 Annual Report (PDF) pdf  4.4mb
2015 Annual Results Statement pdf  1.3mb
2014 Annual Report (PDF) pdf  5.8mb
2014 Annual Results Statement pdf  1.3mb
2013 Annual Report (PDF) pdf  5.6mb
2013 Annual Report (Interactive) website  -
2013 Annual Results Statement pdf  600kb
2012 Annual Report (PDF) pdf   3mb
2012 Annual Report (Interactive) website   -
2012 Annual Results Statement pdf   800kb
2011 Annual Report (PDF) pdf  2.7mb 
2011 Annual Report (Interactive) website    -
2011 Annual Results Statement pdf  460kb


Preliminary results

Title Format Size
2016 Preliminary Results Presentation pdf 1mb
2015 Preliminary Results Presentation pdf  1.2mb
2014 Preliminary Results Presentation pdf  2.3mb
2013 Preliminary Results Presentation pdf 3.16mb 
2012 Preliminary Results Presentation pdf  2.2mb
2011 Preliminary Results Presentation pdf  3mb


Half year results and reports

Title Format


2016 Half Year Results Presentation pdf 2.2mb
2015 Half Year Results pdf 974kb
2015 Half Year Results Presentation pdf 1.06mb
2014 Half Year Results pdf  813kb
2014 Half Year Results Presentation pdf  2.5mb
2014 Half Year Results (Webcast) video  -
2013 Half Year Results  pdf  1mb
2013 Half Year Results Presentation  pdf  6.4mb
2013 Half Year Results (Webcast)    -
2012 Half Year Results pdf  400kb
2012 Half Year Results Presentation    
2011 Half Year Results pdf 330kb 
2011 Half Year Results Presentation pdf   2.3mb


Other documents

Title Format


2016 AGM Voting Results pdf 29kb
2016 Notice of AGM pdf 218kb
2015 Corporate Responsibility Report  pdf 6661kb
2015 AGM Voting Results pdf 213kb


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