Social excellence

We take our social responsibilities very seriously and are committed to our business model driving social excellence as well as environmental leadership.

We aim to create positive social value through a range of activities including charitable donations, employee engagement and through creative and innovative community engagement.

Engaging our people

Our people are our most important asset and they remain at the heart of our business; they do not just deliver our strategy, they help shape it.

Our aim is to provide a structure for delivering our vision that is based not only on working harder but on working smarter. Added to our people's dedication, energy and commitment will be the opportunity for innovation, creativity and leadership.

Positive impact on society

The Speedy apprenticeship programme looks to provide quality opportunities to encourage young people into our industry and provide the skilled labour force we need to take our business forward.

We also support two national charities, WellChild and The Lighthouse Club. We take time to choose our charity partners because we see partnerships for the long term.

Just as our commercial aims with our customers are not quick fixes but long term business models, just as our environmental aims are based on long term investment in sustainable growth, so our community approach is based on long term strategic partnerships with charity partners close to the heart of our people, who deliver measurable impact in the communities they serve.

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