At Speedy, we are committed to Corporate Responsibility.

Our strategy is to deliver sustainable profit growth through providing first class customer service, innovation, and building strong client relationships. All of this is underpinned by an empowered culture, a commitment to our sustainability agenda, and keeping our people and customers safe.

Our sustainability approach reflects the UK’s vision for a low carbon future.

A future which will be based on the built environment and requires the industrial, construction, and infrastructure sectors to be driving change and delivering against targets for efficiency, the environment and contributing a positive social impact to communities throughout the country.

This is driving our growth agenda and consolidating our UK market leading position. We will support our customers to deliver on every aspect of a successful and sustainable future by being be part of the solution to the challenges they face in areas such as climate change and positive community impact.We will do this via a whole range of interventions including:

We will do this via a whole range of interventions including:

Our products – to provide the safest and greenest range of products on the market; resource efficient in design, energy efficient in operation and producing minimum waste at their end of life.

Our knowledge – from supply chain to account management, from test and run to our drivers, Speedy employs the best and trains them to be even better.

Our service delivery – if there is a better way to do something we will find it. Business as usual is not good enough at Speedy. Innovation and continual improvement is what makes us tick.

Download our Corporate Responsibility Report 2016 here

Download our Corporate Responsibility Report 2015 here

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