Environmental leadership

Speedy is determined to play its part in the global challenges presented by climate change. As market leader, our approach is based on innovation, leadership and the sharing and exchange of best practice.

Internally we take a proactive approach to environmental management, measuring and managing our carbon footprint and targeting key areas of to reduce our carbon emissions and minimise waste. In terms of our carbon footprint, transport is our most material impact and we have worked hard to reduce emissions from our commercial vehicles through a range of measures including the introduction of vehicle telematics and investing in the latest stop start engine technology.

Externally we believe our approach is industry-leading, providing tools and equipment, support services, measurement data, and education and training that addresses site behaviour to assist our customers in better managing their environmental impact. It is only a start but it is making a positive impact and provides a platform for future innovations.

Collaborating with our supply chain partners is crucial in bringing more efficient and sustainable product innovations to the market and sustainability is embedded in the procurement policy of the Group. Supply chain partners are continually encouraged to produce product innovations that can further address environmental performance through our Partner Excellence Programme which has been running since 2012.

The Speedy designed ePod® and fPod® have raised the bar on delivery miles and maximised hire efficiency, reducing costs for our customers. Similarly our industry leading GO (Green Option) product range is unequalled in its reduction in carbon and cost to our customers.

Speedy’s renowned ‘can do’ attitude aligned to thought leadership, and engagement and collaboration with our supply chain partners, is continuing to make our offer a unique and we feel, compelling one.

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